Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's been awhile

Nothing to exciting has been happening in our lives. We just got back from Darcee's wedding, which was in Utah. Chase and I had the pleasure of a long car ride there and back. On the way there we drove through the night, (which I was not to thrilled about) but we made it in one piece. And the nice thing about that was, Parker slept pretty much the whole ten hours. I was dreading the car ride home, thinking we would have to stop a few times to get Parker out of the car, but he did a great job. We stopped once for dinner and that was it. But we had a great time in Utah being with both of our families. Since Chases parents moved there we do not get to see them very often, so it was nice to say with them for the week.
Chase took Parker to go visit Grandpa at work.
Chels looking so excited to be stuck with Parker :)
Grandpa and Parker playing.
Here is a video of Chelsea, that Chase happened to capture on camera. Thanks for being a good aunt Chels, and fetching Parkers binky.

We also had the opportunity to watch Shane and Darcee be sealed in the Temple. It was such a great experience. When Megan got married I could not go into the temple, so it was nice to be able to see one of my sisters. Darcee looked beautiful, and we lucked out with no rain. Our whole family except for Brady was there. But Brady we did not forget about you!!!

Brady we miss you!!!

Here are some other pictures we took.

The Bridemaids

Me and Alicia
Uncle Tyler playing with Parker. I think Parker spit in his hair :)
The beautiful couple
The Bride at her best moment
Parker being a little monkey
Parker not wanting to take a picture with mommy! He has become quite the daddy's boy. :(
Besides the wedding, life has pretty much been the same here. Chase is super busy with everything he tries to fit into his life. He is taking 21 credits, putting in time at the fire station, and still trying to put in some time working construction. He also got excepted into the paramedic program next year, and that will be full time. So we are going to finally live the life as poor college students, living off of student loans and love. One more year though and he should be done. YEAH!!!
However, through all the craziness in his life he always makes time for us. Parker is always so excited to see him when he gets home. If I am holding him, and Chase walks in, Parker will start whinning and walk right over to Chase. He has become quite the daddy's boy. I know a lot of mothers would love the break, and yes I sometimes do, but it is sad when all he wants is daddy. I guess it is just another one of his stages. Oh...I guess since I last wrote, Parker has started walking. He quite the cruiser. He has attempted a few times to run, but he usually just ends up face planting it. But it is fun watching him grow and learn new things. It is so crazy to me that he is almost 1!! Time sure does fly. We are hoping by the time he turns one he will have some teeth. We think some are coming in, so hopefully.
As for me, I am just counting down the days for school to be over. I love love love my job, but I am ready for a break. Chase and I are going to take a little vacation by ourselves and leave Parker for the first time. We are going to Orlando for a week. I have never been to Florida so I am so excited. And I will not lie, I am pretty excited to sleep as well. Thanks Mom and Dad for agreeing to watch him. My only hope is he does not keep them up to much. He does pretty good here sleeping in his crib, but my mom is having a hard time getting him to take naps in the portable crib.
So that is it for the Caldwell Clan.