Monday, August 25, 2008

A Busy Summer

Well now that work has started up and summer is over I thought I would write a little on our summer. A lot of my summer has been spent over at my parents house. My Mom and Dad have been quite the hosts this summer and have had a full house, so of coarse Parker and I are right over there so we can experience the funness the Perdue household has to offer. Parker especially loves it when kids around. Particularly his cousin Adallyn. We have been fortunate to have Megan and her cute family visit quite a few times this summer.
This pic was taken on my phone so it is a little blurry.
Parker is adys little shadow and when he is not with her you can always here ady calling for him ,"Parker. Come on Parker. This way Parker." Or as the picture illustrates above "Can Parker take a bath with me?" This last visit, their new thing was to pull the cushion of the rocking chair and spin each other round and round in circles while laughing. I didn't get a picture of that one but it sure was cute. Parker loves his cousin and it has been so nice to let him play with another little kid. And they are entertained so easily which is great!
We love our cute niece adallyn and all her entertainment.
It's always good when Megan is town because the means family picture time. Thanks for the great pics Megan, you are soooooooooo talented.
Besides spending time at my parents house I have spent the summer watching my little boy grow up. I can't believe he is almost 15th months. He has three teeth and 3 more coming in. He was a late bloomer there. We love that when we say give us kisses he puckers up his lips and runs towards us. If we are really lucky he keep his mouth open for a wet slobbery kiss. Yummy!! He is also started to say some words. Mamma, dadda, that (while pointing at what he wants), ow, hi, and my favorite CHEESE!!! He loves to hold my phone up in the air and say cheese. The things kids pick up from the parents.
This summer we have also tried the whole swimming thing. The first time I went by myself with Parker out to Eagle Crest and this was his reaction...
The second experience was with Megan and Darcee and well you don't see a picture, so that's how well it went. The third time was with Chase and...
I guess we know who Parker likes the best. However we did go a fourth time to Juniper Swim in Bend and Parker had a blast.
It's fun to be able to keep Parker busy, and that is what he loves. We love to just watch him laugh and be goofy.

Friends Forever

(When we were in High School we always posed in front of this wall so of coarse we had to do it for old time sakes)
These past couple of weeks of have finally been able to get out and have a couple of girls nights. I am not going to lie, it was a first for me since I have been married. I love to be able to get out once and while to have girl talk instead the baby talk that most of us moms know all to well. Me and my High School best friend Breanne were both husbandless so we thought it was a perfect time to play catch up. Our usual get togethers have been about once every 3 or 4 months, and it has just been a quick lunch date. So we had an all time record and saw eachother 2 weeks in a row. Our first date was to go see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (loved it), and the second date was a little shopping and a fabulous dinner at Johnny Carinos. Thanks Brea for keeping me company and here is a little blast from the past for ya. LOVE YA!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

This is for Darcee

So last summer when Darcee was here, Chase and her enjoyed drawing stupid pictures of each other in church. Yes we should have been paying attention, but...we had some pretty good laughs. So last Sunday Chase wanted to draw a picture for you Darc!!! I hope you enjoy. We love you!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Megans Modeling session

Since Megan and the fam were in town for the week she of coarse got some cute pics. of Park Park as she calls him. I just wanted to post them.
Darcee says he looks girly but I think he is the cutest boy ever!

Will I ever grow up?

So I am sitting here at home, my husband gone at the fire station, and I am scared. Now you may ask of what, well let me tell you!!! I am scared of thunder and lightning. Yes I know pathetic. This goes back to my childhood, when everytime there was thunder and lightning I would be either hiding under the table or right by my parents side. If it was during the night you better believe I was to be found on the floor of my parents room. Well now that I am a mother I should be a protector for my little one when he is scared, but instead I jump everytime the thunder rolls and I find my heart racing fast, wishing my husband was here to protect me. Will I ever grow up?
Speaking of growing up. We had the annual Deschutes County Fair and Rodeo last week. I make it a goal to go to the fair atleast once during the week for a couple of reasons. For one, fair was mine and Chase's first date. Thanks Britt and Travis. So I like to go for the purpose of all the good memories. I also like to go because I know I will see old high school friends and it is always good to catch up with them. And who wouldn't want to go to the fair for their greasy, oily, and fattening food. Chase has to get an elephant ear, and I always have to get the famous Beaver Burrito. And no it does not have Beaver in it (people have asked that). This year Chase worked at a booth for two days for a guy he works with so he was there all day Wed. and Thurs. Wed. night was Pepsi night so Parker and I went with Megan and Chad to enjoy all the funness fair had to offer.
Yes Parker is riding a donkey. The rest of them were horses but I felt bad for the donkey cause he is kind of the under dog. So Parker had his first experience of riding an animal on a cute donkey.
Now you also go to the fair to ride the rides. Well rides have never been my thing. I have a super sensitive stomach and get woozy pretty easily. So I have always been the one sitting off on the sidelines while the others have fun risking their lives on the crazy rides that are put up in a day and tested only a few times. thank you.
And every year the fair has three singers or bands come and perform. This year it was Little Big Town, Alice Cooper and Kellie Pickler. We only made it to one of the three. Alice Copper of coarse. Just kidding. To tell you the truth I did not even know who he or she as I thought was. We saw some friends who told us they were going to the concert and I asked who she was. The response was blank stairs and "uh Shayla it's a guy." Oh okay. So for those of you who are not caught up on the rock singers. Here is who Alice Copper is.
He is quite the handsome man if I don't say so myself. So no we did not grace Alice Cooper with our presence. We did however go to the Kellie Pickler concert. I was really looking forward to this one because I have been a big fan of hers since American Idol. Yes she was ditsy and said stupid things but in ways I could relate to her. When I was sitting with Chase in his booth there were some people walking by and a guy said that he wanted to go to her concert only to see how stupid she was. I thought that was really rude, and despite what people may think, she was not stupid or ditsy at all and she did a great job. We were right on the side of the stage which we thought would be a good spot, but we were also behind the speakers so it was hard to hear the words. But despite that and the screaming girls behind us it was a good concert.
So as I get older, and I continue to go to fair and I continue to be scared of thunderstorms. I keep asking myself, Will I Ever Grow Up?