Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little surprises

Well I figured I would try this whole posting a little at once instead of having a mile long post. I will try to do my best. But this first part will be long, just because it's my only form of journal, so I have to write details that I know not everyone cares about. So sorry!
A couple of weekends ago, I surprised Chase with a little getaway to Portland. He usually does not have to many days off during the week, so when I knew he had most of a sat. off and then all day Sunday, I knew I needed to take advantage. I had to think of ways to get him to drive to Portland, which is not an easy task because it's 3 hrs away. So I decided to tell him that I was feeling rebellious and wanted to drive the Dee's hamburger for lunch. Now Dee's is a really old hamburger place that Chase grew up eating in Gresham and of coarse got me hooked on it. They have the best hamburgers ever! So Chase has said on many occasions that he just wants to drive to Dee's for lunch or dinner and then drive back. So I knew it would be a good excuse. I had already dropped Parker off at my parents and had put the suitcase in the trunk before he got home. When he got home from work I told him my plan. His first reaction was, "really?" Not an excited really but a really are you crazy? Then he said, "that would make it like a 60 dollar hamburger, it's kind of a wasted trip if we don't do anything else." So, trying to play it cool, I told him I would leave it up to him. I also told him we could always stop by the mall if that would make the trip more worth it. "Well....what about Parker? Your parents don't want to keep him that long. " So I called my Mom up and asked her if she would keep Parker for the day, and that we probably would not get home until late. Of coarse she already knew, so there was laughter on the side of the phone. So finally he agreed and we were off to eat our 60 dollar hamburger. After Dee's I told him that I wanted to head somewhere else, but I would not tell him where. I told him to wait in the Dee's so I could call my sister and get directions to where I wanted to go. I really just needed an excuse to punch in the address to the navigation so he wouldn't know I had already planned on going somewhere. So we got in the car and started to drive. As we got to the exit, it said Washington Square Mall. Chase just looked at me and started to laugh. "We are going to the mall? I already knew that!" So I said "SURPRISE!, now wasn't that fun, you thought I had somewhere fun to go." Now Chase was supposed to be following the navigation, but instead drove to the mall. So I had to tell him to turn around. He of coarse asked why? I told him he didn't follow the navigation. So he said, "Embassy Suites?" Then I said surprise again. This time his reaction was, "your just joking." I said no. "But we don't have any of our stuff!" So I told him it was in the trunk. He was quite surprised so that was fun. We ate at Claim Jumpers, which was sooooooo good, shopped, and just relaxed. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching Parker!
Parker is still changing everyday. He is starting to get more and more freckles which is so cute. This is the best picture I have to show his freckles. You have to click on it to really see them.
He has really learned to test my patience, which I always thought I had a lot of. His latest phase is throwing his food on the floor. The other day I turned my back for one second and he threw his spaghetti on the floor and broke the plate. I am never quite sure how to react and I obviously don't react how I should cause he just laughs at me. Chase is better at getting angry then I am. Another day I gave him some popcorn and ran upstairs for a minute and then when I came down it was spread out all over the living room floor. But I guess I asked for that one. Never give an almost two year old a bag of popcorn and expect him to keep it in the bag. There has only been one time that I have actually laughed about the mess he has made. The other night he asked for a banana. So I gave him a little bit of one. He ate it just fine and asked for more. So I gave him some more. I was finishing making some cookies, so I was not watching him to carefully. Well he had squished the banana on the kitchen floor with his shoes and was sitting by it. When he tried to stand up, he just fell right back down. He continued to do this a few times until he got really frustrated. It was pretty funny. I think he got what he deserved. I know, mean mamma!
When there are moments I just want to quit, and think to myself I am not cut our to be a mom, Parker will make me laugh, or give me a big kiss and everything is suddenly okay. He is such a joy in our lives and I can't believe he will be two in less then a month. I never thought I could have so much love for someone. In those times of stress and frustration, I have to remind myself of what a good kid he can be, and think of what life would be without him. And quite honestly I wouldn't have our lives be any other way. We are blessed to be parents, and blessed to have Parker in our family.
Parker and dad eating otter pops!
Baking cookies with Mom!
He loves giving kisses!