Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July fun

This year for the 4th of July I made the trek down to Utah to be with Chases family. Chase was already in Boise doing his internship so Parker and I met him there so we could drive to Utah. Originally we were not going to make it to Utah until Saturday afternoon because Chase does not get of shift until Saturday mornings, but they gave him Friday off, so we got a couple of extra days with the family. The last time we were in Utah was for Christmas so I wasn't sure how much Parker would remember everyone, but he had no problem warming up to them. He got plenty of attention from everyone, which was a nice break for me and Chase because he was a bit stubborn on the trip. I guess you expect kids not to sleep well when they are not in their own beds, but usually Parker does a pretty good job when we are not at home. However, Parker was sick with a cold, which makes for a grumpy boy, which in result causes no sleep, and then made him even more grumpy. So as much as I was hoping for a relaxing trip, it was not quite the case. But we still had a blast regardless of the little man. Chase and I got the chance to go to dinner with Tara and Spencer on one of the nights. Thanks Mamma and Papa C for watching Parker!! Anyways, we went to this place called Happy Sumo. It's a Japanese place so they serve your sushi and teriyaki chicken stuff. Well, I have never tried Sushi before, so I decided to stay safe and stick with the teriyaki chicken, which was very yummy. Spencer and Tara both got some sushi rolls and I was told that I had to try one. So the first one I tried was a cucumber one, so it had no fish. I wasn't sure what to think of the seaweed, but it didn't kill me, so I was feeling pretty good. Now, another one Tara had was called the California roll. It had Avocado (which I LOVE), and crab. Now she assured me that it was not going to be bad and that is was not a fishy taste. So I was daring and tried it. And I didn't just try it, I shoved the whole thing in my mouth at once, as told by the boys to do. So I started chewing and knew that it was not going to be pretty. I literally felt like I was going to throw up. I got hot and sweaty and could no swallow it, for the life of me. So I tore off a piece of paper that was on top of our table cloth and spit it out. YUCK!!! I definitely will not be eating crab anytime soon! But besides going out that one night, we pretty much were home bodies. For the 4th, we just played outside and ate food. So sorry for all the pictures. I got a little camera happy!! And sorry Tara, for putting so many up of you. But what can I say, Parker loves you, and of coarse everyone else. Here is my fourth of July fruit platter. Strawberry's, whip cream and grapes. Yummy. Parker loved their Duke. Poor dog was so tortured while we were there. Parker did everything from hugs and kisses, to pulling his tail and ears, and of coarse trying to catch a ride. Duke would run every time Parker came into the room. Poor dog got no sleep while we were there. Guess we weren't the only ones. Here is Parker getting ready to go on his first bike ride with Grandma or drada as he calls her. They bought Parker his first real bike, and he loved it!!! Thanks!!!!
Parker and Grandma, fourth of July morning.
Duke wearing the captains hat that Chases parents brought home from the airport for Parker. He loves airplanes so it was so appropriate. Oh and plus the little delta plane too.
Here we are taking a bike ride. Parker loved the basket.
With daddy too!
Family picture on the bike. Parker is blowing a kiss.
Tara and Parker playing with the bubbles. He had so much fun with them.
And so did Spencer. If you can't tell, he is trying to be a fish. Good acting I would say.
Tara and Parker taking a little ride!
Chelsea playing with Parker on his bike.
And of coarse Tara helping Parker with his sweet tooth.
So I knew that Parker was going to have a hard time with the fireworks. Chase had tested a few of them before it got dark and Parker was not a happy camper. He would just scream and scream when he saw the lighter come out. So we decided that we would put him to bed before we did the big fireworks. It worked for a while, but then he woke up screaming and scared to death of the noises. I tried wrapping him up in a blanket and taking him outside, but he would not have any of that. I even tried watching from the inside, but he still was freaking out. Brings back memories of when I was little and would hide in the car, because I didn't like the noise. So the sparklers are the only thing we could get him close to.
As you can tell from the look on our faces, it was a struggle!
Here is spencer lighting off one of the illegal fire works. We had a couple of close calls. Tara and I were so nervous about these ones.
Tara with a sparkler
Grandma staska with a sparkler and Mom with a ice cream bar. Yummy!
The three girls
Chase and I
On our last night in Utah Chase and Channing decided to make a homemade slip n slide. They had so much fun on it, and it was quite entertaining to watch. Parker was a little reluctant at first about it, but finally took his turn going down.
Thanks Caldwell for such a good time. We already miss you!!! I can't wait until we are all together again!! We love you!