Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Fun

Yes it really has been almost 2 months since I last posted. But in my defense I really have not had anything to write about, and more importantly I had no pictures to post. Because let's be honest here, most people look at blogs to see pictures. So I am back and have lots of pictures to post! This Christmas was a Caldwell year, so Me, Chase and Parker packed up the car and made the long trek to Utah! We were both really excited to go, however I was terrified for the car ride. Roads were snowy and icy, and anyone who knows me well, knows I am a wreck when it comes to those driving conditions. Chase told me to take some Dramamine so he wouldn't have to deal with me telling him to slow down, to stop getting to close to other cars, to not pass, and reminding him we have a baby in the car. But, against his will I refused to do it and he had one nervous wife for the first 5 1/2 hours of the car ride. But once we hit Idaho we had great roads and made it to Utah safe and sound.
We had a great time with Chases family! We ate tons of food, watched movies, ate food, shopped (the girls), ate food, Skied (the boys), ate food, and just sat around and enjoyed each others company. Oh did I mention we ate tons of food! Cause we did. And speaking of food, I need to mention that Chase, Spencer, Channing and Jeremy had a pancake eating contest with a Caldwell favorite, Sourdough pancakes. Now since I have been married to Chase I have gotten used to this. I never like it, but I can't stop it. But this year they took it to a whole other level. Channing came in last place with I think 1o pancakes. Then came Jeremy with maybe 14, I can't really remember. So it came down to Chase and Spencer. Now us girls went shopping that morning and before I left I told Chase to promise not to overdue it. He said he would quite before he made himself sick. Well...first game 5 then 10, then 15 and then 20 and yup then 25. And finally 26 pancakes. I hope you are all saying sick!! Because that is gross. Well Chase had to use the restroom after his 26 1/2 pancake and from inside the restroom he hears Spencer call his name. So Chase says, "Yeah?" And then Spencer says," 26 9/16th" So yes after all those pancakes, Chase lost! Serves him right. Great job spenc of taking the family title!
Parker had a great time getting to know all his other uncles and aunts better, and he sure did get the attention from them.
Sorry Chan and Chels and didn't have any pics of you guys with Parker. Parker always wanted to be the center of attention. However, when he would not get his way he would fall on the floor and try to act as pathetic as possible. It is always quite entertaining.
Isn't he CUTE!! He learns it all from his Dad, I swear.
I know both of my sisters have already posted this but, we had to opportunity to have a breakfast all together. We were all in Utah so of coarse we had to see each other. Darcee was so kind to host this breakfast at her new apartment. Parker and adallyn had fun going into aunt Darcee's room and taking out all of her shoes from her closet and trying them on. Parker always wants the high heels and I am not sure why :) We also had fun playing guitar hero, where we all laughed at Megan because she got booed off the stage. Poor girl, first flag football at thanksgiving and now this. I will be nice and not post the picture of Chad having a little of after breakfast dessert, but it was pretty funny. I am sure a joke to live a long time in our family!
Christmas eve was full of last minute shopping, a nap (for me), a fabulous dinner, new pajamas, and of coarse some Christmas traditions. For dinner we had ham and turkey, twice baked potatoes, homemade rolls, spinach salad, and of coarse the infamous holiday salad.
After dinner we read "Twas the Night before Christmas" a Perdue family tradition passed on, and had fun passing the gifts around the circle.
After the silliness we of coarse all settled down to hear to the true meaning of Christmas, and were given a short quiz on the Christmas story. It was interesting to see how commercialized Christmas has become, and to see what is really mentioned in the scriptures and what we have all come to assume. Then we continued the night with some Caldwell traditions of watching the Nativity story to the song "Mary Did you Know?" After this we were graced with a sweet story of the 3 little Christmas trees from Chelsea and Channing. I wish I would have taken pictures of this but I didn't. And of coarse who can forget the new pajamas. I don't have any of everyone together but I have some of Chase and his brothers and Sisters. What a cute family!
Christmas morning we woke up, and had fun opening all of our gifts. Chase spoiled me way to much this year with clothing and jewelry. And of coarse Parker was spoiled by both grandparents and got lots of fun gifts. One of the gifts Grandma and Grandpa Caldwell gave him was a huge tent with tunnels. He had fun playing in it. Aunt Darcee and Uncle Shane gave him some trucks that he also loves. And there were many other gifts as well. We had a GREAT Christmas and were so glad to spend it with Chases family!
We also had the opportunity to go to the Salt Lake Temple to go do a session. I had never been to a live session before so it was a fun experience. Thanks Megan and Chad for watching Parker so we could go to the Temple!
We had a great time in Utah and look forward to the next time we can all be together again!!