Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trip to Portland

This past weekend Parker and I got to make a little trip to Portland to visit one of my besties Kira and Parkers best bud Jaiden. It was a very long weekend with grumpy boys and some bad attitudes, but it was still good to see Kira again! We took the boys to the Zoo, and Parker was so excited to be there for the first time. His favorite part was definitely the aquarium, where he just stood at the window in awe of the curious creatures that were swimming around in the water. He was surprisingly on good behavior for the amount of time he had to stay in his stroller. We kind of powered through the zoo since I went with people who had already been, so next we go we will definitely have to capture the moment a little better. It was fun to see the little boys interact with each other again. It has been quite a while since Kira moved to Seattle, so I didn't know if Parker would remember Jaiden. Both of the boys were a little shy at first, but eventually they warmed up to each other. However, there were times during the weekend where we wished they would ignore each other. They definitely had they share of fights and tantrums. We had two trucks for the boys to share, but sometimes Jaiden would take Parkers, Parker would scream, Jaiden was told to give it back, he would shake his head no and say,"MINE", Kira would take the truck from Jaiden and give it back to Parker, and then Jaiden would scream and throw himself on the floor. And this sequence happened over and over again. It was quite exhausting. I think the highlight of the weekend was when we were at the Outlet mall and we had gone into GAP to look around. Kira had given Jaiden her chocolate smoothy to hold, and he got mad and chucked it on the floor, splattering everywhere, not to mention all over the white pants that were hanging up. So Jaiden was screaming and then Parker was screaming because he wanted one of the balloons that was attached to a clothes rack. We were so embarrased of our boys. Needless to say, by Saturday night we were so exhausted and were ready for a much needed break. And since we were both husbandless, that was not going to happen. So instead we have planned a girls weekend, kids free, in Portland in two weeks!!! But all in all it was a good weekend. And when the boys were not fighting or throwing fits they were very cute playing together.
Parker would have just stood here for hours
The other weekend my mom spotted a little bunny hopping around outside that was headed straight for a backyard that has mean dogs. I was not at home to witness the capture of the bunny, but I heard it was pretty funny. Since my mom couldn't catch it, she of coarse called on Chase to try. I guess he was diving around for it like a mad man. But as you can see, he caught it. Parker loved holding it and petting it. And he was much more gentle with it then he is with the cats. When I came home from working out I had the pleasure of holding it for probably an hour so it would not escape. Mom wanted to figure out what to do with it, so she called on a lady named Peggy Zierlein from our old ward to see if she would adopt this cute bunny. When we were younger we had a couple of bunnys and had gotten them from her. So she said she would take him/her in. She said she could tell the it had not been eating because you could feel the ribs on it. So I am glad Chase and my Mom saved the poor thing from being dog food.
And last but not least, a picture of my cute boy right before church. Now the reason I post this picture is because of the tie that Parker is wearing. Chase is pretty good at making Parker match. But on this particular morning, he definitely failed. I argued for him to take the tie off, but I did not win the battle.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back at home!

A couple of weeks ago, Chase and I moved in with my parents. Chase leaves for his internship to Boise tomorrow, so it was a perfect solution for us to move in. Plus Chase will not be making any money all summer, so the no rent is just a plus.
There are a couple of reasons why Parker loves being able to live at Papa and Draddy's (this is what he calls my mom) house!
He get's hair cuts, since we have never bought clippers
He get's treats, even when Mommy says no
He get's to wrestle with the boys
He can lay on the table and watch cartoons.
He has a huge backyard to play in!!
We are so greatful that my parents are taking us homeless people in. My goal this summer is to learn to be a better homemaker from my Mom. Before I was married I didn't really care to learn much of anything. But now that I am a mom, I wish I would have had more of a desire to know how to do half of the things my mom can do. So here goes to a summer of new experiences!!!
We will miss Chase a lot, and wish him good luck on his internship!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bring on the toddler years

We have made it to the toddler years! It is crazy to me that Parker is already 2. It really does just seem like yesterday that they put Parker in my arms for the first, and I was overwhelmed with my new responsibilty of be a mother to this precious child. There have been days that I wish I could crawl in a hole and never come out, but no matter how many poopy diapers, screaming tantrums, messy houses, throw up messes I have to take care of, I would not take back that day, June 11, 2007, when our baby boy was born, for anything in the world . Parker has become the center of our world, and the joy of our lives. It has been fun watching him gain such a contagious personality. He loves to laugh, whether it be a fake laugh or him laughing so hard he can't catch his breath. He wants other people to laugh with him! And he will try to make that happen by twirlling in cirlces just make himself fall. He hates when people are sad, and if anyone is crying he gets a sad look on his face and makes sure to give them a hug to try and comfort them. After being home with me all day is soooo excited when we get any guests. He is quite the show off, especially to Tylers girlfriend Hailey. I now say with as much confidence as I can, "Bring on the toddler years!"
I debated back and forth for a while of what to do for Parkers birthday this year. I really wanted him to have a birthday party with some friends but in his case, he does not have to many. There are a couple of boys at church who are older then him, but none his age. So I decided to invite a couple of those boys. We decided to have a little party at Mcdonalds because Parker loves to play there. We really do not go there often, but anytime we drive by he always points to it and says, "Play, Play, Play!" So we figured Mcdonalds was the perfect place for him.
Parker had a good time at his birthday. He really didn't play as much as I thought he would, But he might have been intimidated by all the kids. However, he was just as happy standing back and watching with his balloons. When it came time to blowing out the candle, he was a little scared but finally realized that the fire was not going to hurt him. However I don't think he even tasted the cake. But Sawyer did it for him. Him and Hannah just sat and picked at it. But I guess that's what happens at a kid party.
When it came time to opening presents I think he felt a little overwhelmed by the other kids. He just kind of backed away when they started helping him tear the wrapping paper off. I don't think he knew what to do. Their reaction to each present was pretty funny. Parker said a couple of "Wows!" but thats all we really got out of him. But all in all it was a great birthday.
So the pictures are in reverse order. So sorry!
This is Parker after we got home. He was just a happy little boy!
haha this one is for the Perdue girls!!! Parker is Mocking us on the serious model pose. We all know how are serious pictures turn out!
So happy!!!! And this is with no sugar!
Uncle Tyler playing some b-ball with Parker
Enjoying his new bubble lawn mower.
Here are the shoes Jonas got for Parker. He was so excited for Parker to open them.
Here is one of the "Wow" expressions!
Sawyer picking at the cake.
Blow out the candle.
Parker not quite sure what to think of the candle.
Enjoying his balloons!
Eating a nurtious meal
I decided to make Parkers cake this year. He loves cars, so he got a racetrack cake.