Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bring on the toddler years

We have made it to the toddler years! It is crazy to me that Parker is already 2. It really does just seem like yesterday that they put Parker in my arms for the first, and I was overwhelmed with my new responsibilty of be a mother to this precious child. There have been days that I wish I could crawl in a hole and never come out, but no matter how many poopy diapers, screaming tantrums, messy houses, throw up messes I have to take care of, I would not take back that day, June 11, 2007, when our baby boy was born, for anything in the world . Parker has become the center of our world, and the joy of our lives. It has been fun watching him gain such a contagious personality. He loves to laugh, whether it be a fake laugh or him laughing so hard he can't catch his breath. He wants other people to laugh with him! And he will try to make that happen by twirlling in cirlces just make himself fall. He hates when people are sad, and if anyone is crying he gets a sad look on his face and makes sure to give them a hug to try and comfort them. After being home with me all day is soooo excited when we get any guests. He is quite the show off, especially to Tylers girlfriend Hailey. I now say with as much confidence as I can, "Bring on the toddler years!"
I debated back and forth for a while of what to do for Parkers birthday this year. I really wanted him to have a birthday party with some friends but in his case, he does not have to many. There are a couple of boys at church who are older then him, but none his age. So I decided to invite a couple of those boys. We decided to have a little party at Mcdonalds because Parker loves to play there. We really do not go there often, but anytime we drive by he always points to it and says, "Play, Play, Play!" So we figured Mcdonalds was the perfect place for him.
Parker had a good time at his birthday. He really didn't play as much as I thought he would, But he might have been intimidated by all the kids. However, he was just as happy standing back and watching with his balloons. When it came time to blowing out the candle, he was a little scared but finally realized that the fire was not going to hurt him. However I don't think he even tasted the cake. But Sawyer did it for him. Him and Hannah just sat and picked at it. But I guess that's what happens at a kid party.
When it came time to opening presents I think he felt a little overwhelmed by the other kids. He just kind of backed away when they started helping him tear the wrapping paper off. I don't think he knew what to do. Their reaction to each present was pretty funny. Parker said a couple of "Wows!" but thats all we really got out of him. But all in all it was a great birthday.
So the pictures are in reverse order. So sorry!
This is Parker after we got home. He was just a happy little boy!
haha this one is for the Perdue girls!!! Parker is Mocking us on the serious model pose. We all know how are serious pictures turn out!
So happy!!!! And this is with no sugar!
Uncle Tyler playing some b-ball with Parker
Enjoying his new bubble lawn mower.
Here are the shoes Jonas got for Parker. He was so excited for Parker to open them.
Here is one of the "Wow" expressions!
Sawyer picking at the cake.
Blow out the candle.
Parker not quite sure what to think of the candle.
Enjoying his balloons!
Eating a nurtious meal
I decided to make Parkers cake this year. He loves cars, so he got a racetrack cake.


Chelsea said...

SHAYLA! PARKER! CHASE! goodness I love all the pictures of his birthday! he is getting too big on us! shay...the cake is the cutest thing i have ever totally deserve best mom award! i love you all!

sdralphs said...

Your cake is awesome! Wow, I don't think I could ever make such a thing. Will you make my birthday cake when I come home please! I loved all the pictures. I need more though. Did you take any from the rodeo? Parker is getting so big and his birthday looked like so much fun! I miss him so much and I miss you! I cannot wait to see you! Love you!

Megan said...

Sweet cake, so creative I loved it. I might be stealing that idea, it was SO CUTE! Looks like the bday party was a hit, he sure was funny here at our house, so shy and always wanting draddy.