Monday, May 2, 2011


2 months in a row!? That is some kind of record for me. This month has been pretty busy, which has been nice for me. Chase has been gone at the station a lot, so having things to do to pass the hours by quickly are much appreciated and invited. My Dad got released as Stake president at the beginning of April so we had all of our family in town. It was nice to spend time with my sisters. And to have a busy house. I will miss hearing my Dads talks, as they are always so good. He is one speaker I could listen to over and over again. However, I will not miss feeling anxious at every Ward Conference and Stake Conference, wondering if he will call me up to bare my testimony. I have learned so much from my Dad and am so grateful for his dedicated service to the church for 9 years. His testimony has strengthened mine, and I am so thankful for that. While my sister was here she took some cute pics of Parker and Paisley. I love that she is so talented and is always willing to take pictures of my kids. Thanks Megan, I will always owe you. When we have all of the kids together (the young kids), they tend to get restless and always end up fighting over who gets to play with what toy, or who sits by who at the table. My mom is such a great Grandma or Draddy as the kids call her. I hope I can be half of the Grandma that she is. She is so good with all of the kids and makes sure to play with them or keep them entertained. She took the kids to the Park to get the wiggles out. The grandkids just love their Draddy! Mom even does bedtime with the kids. Here she is reading bedtime stories to them. And of coarse Darcee too. She was feeling a little left out, and wanted to hear stories from her Mommy :) We all need that sometimes. Megan and I were in there to, but just not in the picture. Parker loves to stay busy, and loves to have friends over. Oliver is one of his only friends that he can play with for a pretty long period and not fight. So here is just a random picture of the boys. This year for Easter both my brothers were home. Brady came to visit for the week, and Tyler is home until his mission. I was so glad they were here to make Parker's Easter a little more exciting. Chase was at the station, so it was our first official holiday without him. We did survive. Here the boys and Paisley are for the traditional Holiday picture at the top of the stairs. No one is allowed downstairs until a picture is taken, and a good one at that. Then once the picture is captured the youngest to oldest run down the stairs to try and gather up as much Easter candy from the floor as possible. The Easter bunny lays it all over the floor, and all the candy has to be picked up before you can find your Easter basket. Parker of coarse was the first one down the stairs, and he was excited to see all of the candy and to start picking it up, before his Uncle Brady came running down the stairs like a mad man, yelling and picking up way more candy the Parker approved of. So Parker whined for a bit and wouldn't pick up anything, until Brady settled down and let Parker get most of the candy. Paisley wanted the candy too, but I told her she couldn't have any until she learned to crawl for it. So she missed out. Parker with his Easter basket and his new remote control Monster Truck. The Easter Bunny did a superb job on picking out his present. His was one happy boy.
Tyler looking so enthused about life. I am pretty sure he found his basket pretty easy.
Brady on the other hand had quite a hard time. He was the last to find his, and couldn't find it until Mom played the classical hot and cold game.
Here he is finally getting hot
So happy to have finally found the basket! Yay!
Picture with my handsome brothers before church.
And of coarse one with my handsome son too.
And who could forget about my beautiful mother
Mom and Dad together.
Parker is so glad Tyler is home. We had a countdown for when he would get home. Parker would ask me everyday if Tyler was going to be home. When I would tell him no he would say, "AWWWWW!" Really pathetically though. One day he was sitting on the couch and turned around and said, "Mom, I miss Tyler." It was really cute. Parker sure does love Tyler and will miss him when he is gone for two years. Parker had two Easters this year. Since Chase was at the station, they invited the families there for an Easter egg hunt and dinner. Parker scored on the candy this year. Not a good thing for this Momma. So that is our month in a nut shell. Hopefully next month, or technically this month I will get 3 in a row!