Monday, April 7, 2008

Parkers Room!

I know a couple of my friends have been asking for me to post some pictures of Parkers room, so I am finally going to do it. And it has been one week since Parker has been sleeping through the night!!! What a miracle. And not to mention in his own crib. Chase was at the fire station last Monday so I decided to buck up and stick Parker in the crib. Usually he just comes into bed with me because I don't like to be alone. But I knew I had to break his terrible habit. So I read him a bed time story kissed him goodnight and stuck him in his crib. And then I waited and expected the worst. Of coarse my poor baby cried and it took all my strength not to run in and love him. So I went downstairs and called my sister to keep me occupied. Parker cried for about 15 minutes and then it was silence. So I went to bed, and not being able to sleep, snuck into his room and slept on the little bed in there. He woke up once, but I just gave him his bottle and he was asleep for the rest of the night. So tues. night comes around and I did the same thing. Read him a story, kissed him goodnight and laid him down. He cried for about 5 minutes this time. The rest of the week, there was no crying. It was FABULOUS. So not that I have written this I hope I do not jinx it. So here are some pics.
This is Parker bathroom!
This is where we keep his books and blankets
The sign says I am a child of God.
The extra bed, and the picture with the fire truck is Chase when he was little.
The door, and another picture of Chase when he was little.
And last but not least the crib. And the sign above it is homemade from chase and myself. It is kind of hard to read but at the top of the sign it says, EST. June 11, 2007 and then on the bottom it says Fire Co.
So that is Parkers room. FIRE FIRE FIRE. So when we have a girl, I am going to make it so frilly and cute Chase is gonna hate it. Not that I hate this room. I had a fun time decorating it and making it our own.


Braydan and Jessica said...

Shayla, I'm so proud of you!!!! You'll be amazed at how much life is better with some decent sleep! HOpefully it lasts and he takes good naps in the day too. I love Parker's room. You have lots of cute pictures and decorations. I feel like a slacker now with Kaleb's room!

Red Bed Head said...

Cute room, I'm so jealous that Parker is sleeping all night! Oliver still isn't!

TJ said...

Shayla, what a cute little family you have! Parker is adorable. It's so fun to see pictures and read up on what you're up to!

Frye Kids said...

Hi Shayla, I got your blog off of Tara's and it is so fun to see what you guys have been up to. Parker is a move and shaker that is for sure. Maybe he could come over and show Grayson a few moves, since he is just a bump on a log. Parker is so cute, you are such a good mom. We hope to see you guys soon and good luck with your interviews in Seattle.

Frye Kids said...

Yes, my email is
Grayson is 19.5 lbs. and could use a mentor. We will have to keep in better touch.

Megan said...

It turned out really cute! I'm glad the pics worked out. Way to go you two! Love it!

Super B said...

so cute! hey, can i link to your blog?

Unknown said...

It is super cute. I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. Let me know what is going on.