Friday, August 14, 2009

Reunited again!

This last weekend I got to see Kira again for the third time this summer! I was so blessed to have her come into my life, and I miss her like crazy! Anyways, her family came to Redmond for their annual trip to Lake Billy Chinook. Usually they rent a house boat, but this year they decided to stay out at Eagle Crest. Well unfortunately the weather was not so great the first day they were here, so they had to skip out on the boating, which was a real bummer because Chase and I were going to join them. So instead we spent the afternoon out at Eagle Crest swimming and mini golfing. Now when I think of mini golfing I think "mini" coarse. Well this was not a mini coarse to me, and Kira and I struggled to stay out of the sand. But no matter how horrible our scores were we had a great time!!!
Saturday was a much better day so the lake was a go. Chase had to work so he was not able to come. I was able to enjoy the day in the son childless, thanks to my awesome Mom and Dad. We spent the day on the boat, laying out, and of coarse eating. Now Kira and I only went on the tube once and that was plenty enough for us. We had watched Kira's dad whip the stuffing out of her two sister, and Brian, so we told him we wanted to take it easy. Well I don't think that was the case. The first time we fell off the tube was not to bad, so we were up for a second round. We again told her dad to take it easy because he didn't quite do it the first time. So we were going along, hanging on for dear life might I add, and we hit some waves. Kira and I went flying. And I mean flying. I knew the landing was not going to feel good, and I was right. After I came out of the water I looked around to see where Kira was and she was lying face down in the water. At first I thought she was just getting her face wet, but then I realized she was not moving. My heart stopped and I started screaming her name. She was not responding to me. So I was trying to swim as fast as I could over to her. When I got close she finally snapped her head out of the water and started looking around like she was lost. I continued to call her name but she would look at me. She finally turned around and snapped out of it. She had completely blacked out and she says she doesn't remember anything. So if you couldn't guess, we were down with the tube for the day. We had one quick ride on the wave runner and then called it a day.
Just another quick story, again for journaling purposes. After the Lake, Parker and I were going to meet Kira's family for pizza. My family was all gone, so Parker and I were on our own. Well I had taken the car seat out of my car earlier in the day for my mom to have so I needed to put it back in before we left for pizza. So Parker came out to the car with me and was just playing up in the front seat while I put it in. When I was done, I set Parker in his seat closed the doors and ran in to get his sippy cup. When I came back out to get in the car I realized the doors were locked. Parker had been playing with the locks while he was in my seat. Well I had no spare key and was all alone. So I began to panic. I called Chase at the fire station to see what I should do, and he said he would call dispatch to get a cop over to help me. So I waited for about 15 mins before a cop finally showed up. And as the car was pulling up, my first thought was, crap it's a girl. Now I am usually all for girl power, but in this case I really wanted a guy to be the one to help me. She grabbed out all of her tools and began trying to open the door. In the meantime Travis and Brittany Kohler showed up with their kids for moral support. Apparently Chase thought I was not strong enough to handle it on my own. And of course he was right. I was just about in tears by the time they showed up, because the cop had been trying for about 15 mins and was not having any luck. So Travis asked to take a stab at it as well, so now there were two people trying to help out. Chase had also called Kira and Brian to let them know where I was at. Once Kira heard what had happened they left the pizza place to come for support as well. So they pull up, and Brian starts looking at all the cops tools and grabs this one and takes a try at getting the door unlocked. Now Brian is very good with cars so I was relieved when they pulled up. And believe it or not he opened the door in like a minute. I was SOOOO HAPPY!!! THANKS BRIAN!!!!!
So that was our exciting weekend. Sorry for the long post.


mobes1020 said...

I was hoping for the HOT WIFEY BOOTIE SHOT that the husband took while out golfing

sdralphs said...

I'm glad Kira and you got time to spend together! Looks like tons of fun! Love all the pictures. Love you and cannot wait to see you!