Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fish Hatchery

Yesterday my Mom and I took Parker to the fish hatchery for the first time. He loved seeing all the fishes and watching them jump for their food. It was a perfect day to venture out towards the mountains. I am sure it won't be our last trip.
Mom and Parker Parker running across the small bridge
Watching the fish jump
Mom and Parker feeding the fish
These were the smaller fish. They had bigger ones too.
We took a little walk in the woods. We didn't make it very far cause Parker wanted me to hold him. So that was when we knew it was time to turn around.
He found this huge stick and was running after my mom and I with it. Another time he grabbed a smaller stick and was hitting a random older guy with it. I was so embarrassed. What kind of mother am I?
Parker was so fasinated with the drinking fountain. I think he liked it better then the fishes.


Megan said...

That boy needs to eat some fish, a lot of fish. Looks fun.

sdralphs said...

The thought of him hitting an innocent old man with a stick makes me laugh! That picture of him chasing you with the huge stick was hilarious! I am glad to see he is acting more like a boy! Glad you guys had a fun time at the hatchery! Reminds me of evergreen field trips.