Sunday, April 3, 2011


Parker Loves to help make cookies
Parker at the Monster Truck show with Papa
Christmas at the Caldwells
These moments are few and far between. He never falls asleep on his own, and never in random spots.
Pumpkin Patch
In his undies!
All ready for work
Jolly Green Giant
Yes he does get into makeup
Where to start with Parker....he is our little monkey, and ball of energy. He is now 3 years old, but wants to be 4 so bad. He asks me every day, "Mom am I 4 yet?" I continue to have to tell him no and that he won't be 4 until it gets hot out. He still continues to ask though. When there is a commercial on the TV with a toy he will scream for me, even if I am upstairs. If I tell him I am busy he will continue to scream, "HURRY MOM, HURRY!!!!!" I will run as fast as I can to catch the commercial, and he will say so sweetly, " Mom can I hab that for my birtday?" I always just say maybe. Parker loves to jump and climb on anything and everything. He is always climbing on the back of moms nice couches, and that is always a no, no. But he continues to do it. He is also always walking across the kitchen counters and getting into everything. He is not the best listener, and I am not the best at disciplining him. Anytime I try he just laughs in my face and I just get more frustrated, because I want him to realize he is being naughty and to listen. I feel like I am being tough, but I guess I need to figure out a better method. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I also need to work on the education part with him. I look at my sister Megan who is so good at teaching her kids things, and I am some what envious that I can't get my act together and just do it. And really that is all it is, it's me being lazy and saying I will eventually do it. So for now he is pretty close to writing his name and can count to 14. After 14 he just skips to 18 and then just spouts out random numbers. My mom is really good at pulling out worksheets for him, and I give her all the credit for him learning his name. I will now have a goal to work on with Paisley, and to do a better job with Parker. Parker is still skinny as ever. We will usually fine him running around in just his underwear. He hates putting clothes on. So seeing him with nothing on always reminds me of how tiny he is. He can still wear 24 month clothes, but they are getting to short for him. So we have a hard time with pants fitting him. The only thing he ever wants to eat is sugar. Go figure he takes after his Mom. That's another goal I have is to do better with getting healthy things into his body. I suppose I should take him to the doctors to get him checked out, to make sure he is not withering away. Parker sure does love anything to do with his dad. Parker loves anything to do with the Fire station. The other night when we were saying our nigh time prayers, he said," Thankful for that I could here the fire station." We had heard fire trucks right before bed and he always calls them fire stations. Another time we were driving to my work, and he saw a boy walking on the side of the road, and he said, "Look mom, its a missionary man like Brady!" So I asked him if he was going to go on a mission when he got older. So he said, " Yeah, and a fire station man like my daddy." So I asked him why he wanted to be a fire station man and he said, "So I can drive fire trucks, play with water, climb on top of houses, but I won't get hurt cause I am strong man!" I just love that Parker looks up to his Dad so much. When Chase gets home from the station Parker just gets a big smile on his face, because he has missed his daddy so much. We sure do love our little Parker, he has taught us so much about being parents, and continues to teach me new things everyday.


Braydan and Jessica said...

I love this book:

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

It will change your parenting life :)

Good luck!

sdralphs said...

Loved the blog update!!!! I have been waiting and waiting to see my sweet babies! I cannot believe how big they are getting. I am so excited to see them. Love you guys!

*Jess* said...

I second your friend Jessica's book! Also, I liked 1-2-3 Magic for my kids at that age. Good luck!