Friday, June 27, 2008

A magical place

Chase and I just got back from a very long much needed vacation. We decided to use our tax return to go on a vacation before we would never get the chance to go alone again. So we contemplated the many places we could go. Hawaii, Las Vegas, another cruise or Florida. So we picked Florida. We figured there was a lot to do there and I had never been to Disney World, so why not? So we celebrated Parkers birthday on Saturday and on Sunday we were off to the races. Now none of this would have been possible without my mom and dads willingness to take Parker for 10 days. Yes I said it 10 days!!! Thanks Mom and Dad for watching him, I always know he is in good hands with you. Our first full day there we hit up Wet n' Wild. It's a huge water park and unfortunatly I did not capture the park as well as I should. We spent most of the day here and then went back 3 more times.
That night we went downtown disney to check out all the shops and things down there. It was pretty cool, and we ate and amazing dinner at the rainforest cafe. After dinner we just walked around and killed some time. It was fun to just people watch, because people from all over the world come to this so called magical place. It was kind of nice being out at 11:00 at night and still having the weather be really nice.
These last pictures are from lego land. It was pretty amazing what they could build out of legos.
The next day we were off to see 2 parks of Disney world. The first one we attempted was animal kingdom. I am not going to lie, I was not to impressed. Partly was because of the lines, and it was to stinkin hot to wait out in the sun. So the only so called ride we went on was the African Safari. We waited in line for 70 minutes, which was crazy. But we finally made it to the front and we were off. Unfortunatly I do not think it was worth waiting that long, but it is all part of the experience.
After the Safari we walked around a little bit more and saw that everything had a long wait so we said forget it. We could have opted for the fast passes but you can only do one at a time and we really did not want to wait around any longer. So we went back to our condo, ate lunch and took a nap. I know we are real adventurest. So that evening we went to hollywood studios which was the old MGM. It's the same place just a new name. We happened to strike out at this one as well. We saw the little mermaid and went on the backstage tour and that was it. When we were at our condo there was a lightning storm, so a lot of the rides were down because of electrical issues. We really wanted to do the rock'n rollercoaster but that was not going to happen. So two parks down and two to go. We were not all to excited to see what the next ones had in store for us. So we took a couple of days off from disney world and did other things. One of the nights we went to a baseball game. Tampa Bay Rays agains Chicago Cubs. It was pretty fun. I was really excited to eat baseball food until I saw the prices. It was worse the Disney World food and Airport food. I got a pretzel for 6.00. That's not even with the cheese. Ridiculous. But we had a great time at the game, and what made it even better was that the devil rays won!!!
Like I said we took a couple of days off from Disney World and decided to head back there on Sunday (I know we are bad), but I now know why they call it the magic kingdom. It was quite magical that we got to ride all of the rides, and a couple of them twice. The longest we waited was probably 20 minutes. But we got there right when it opened and headed to the back of the park where splash mountain was and another roller coaster. We got right on, and were pretty hyped about that. Because we rode splash mountain first, we were soaked for a while. But it was well worth it.

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Brittany said...

Shayla- it looks like you both had an amazing time. By the way I thought your hair looked great at church today. Did you do something new?