Friday, June 27, 2008

Parkers 1st birthday

Last Saturday our little Parker turned 1 year old!!! It is crazy how the time flys. We were so busy getting ready for Florida that we did not have a huge bash for him. His birthday was on Wednesday but we waited to celebrate it so some of Chase's family could be here for it. So on his real birthday the only present he got was 4 shots and a prick in the heal. It was quite the rough afternoon for him. When we got home from the doctors he was walking on the driveway and face planted it. So you will see he pretty bruise in all his birthday pictures. Chases parents, Chelsea and Chan all were in town so it made it a even more special day for Parker. Thanks mom for letting us have his party at your house!! We were sure glad to have both sets of grandparents there. Parker loves his Grandparents and they sure do love him back!!
The afternoon was filled with a yummy dinner, cake, and presents. I think Parker enjoyed all three of them.
Parker saw a plate of watermelon and grabbed it all on his own. He stuffed the whole piece in his mouth and attempted to eat it. It was pretty funny and not to mention messy. As far as the cake went...he was not to keen on the lighted candel. He has some kind of fear of flashing lights and fire. Looks like he developed that from his aunt Shayla and Darcee.
So daddy had to help him out. He also did not get really messy with the cake like we hoped. It always makes for a good picture. He just stayed on the safe side and played with it a little.
After we ate cake, we gathered to the living room to watch Parker open his very first presents. He did a pretty good job with the first one, and then he just wanted to play with the paper.

He had a fun time playing with his new toys. He got great gifts from everyone. Thanks for everything!!!

We have enjoyed this past year with Parker. We have had many poopy diapers, wet beds, fevers, colds, sleepless nights, and laughs. We are so greatful for our little one in our lives. He has brought us much joy and is such a blessing to us. We look forward to watching him grow and learn.

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