Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beach Trip

For Labor day weekend we had the chance to take a little road trip to Waldport, OR. For those of you who have no clue where Waldport is, it is on the Oregon Coast. We met up with the Perdue side of the family minus Brady, Darc and Shane, to have a little reunion. Mom planned this trip way back at the beginning of the summer and thought it would be fun for the family to all be together before school started up again. One thing we didn't know was that we would see Megan and her family a lot during the summer. However, we still had a great time and it was fun to be in a new location. We stayed in a condo that was right on the beach. We had a beautiful sight. Now those of you who are not familiar with the beach in Oregon, it is not your typical warm beach. In fact, you are lucky if you have 60 degree weather and it is not raining. We happened to be pretty lucky. We had a little of rain but all in all it was great weather.

This was Parker first real experience of sand. We went to the coast last summer but Parker was only a month old so that did not count. I was a little worried how he would react, but he had a great time. He ran in the sand, wrote in the sand, fell in the sand and even ate the sand. Yup, he ate it all right. I just don't think he was very happy with how it tasted.
(Parker Running)

(Parker Writing)

(Parker eating the sand)

(The result of eating the sand)

(Parker Falling)

(Parker be pushed by Grampy, JK Parker falling again!)
Parker had a great first experience at the beach. He loved playing with adallyn and wanted to do whatever she was doing.

(I stole this picture from Megan)

(Playing on top of the sand castle before it was built)

He also had fun building a sand castle with his dad, uncle's, and aunt. Actually he mostly wanted to play in the trench protecting the castle. But when he could he got in on the action he would. When it was time to build the castle it was all business. Chad and Chase started by building the trench around the castle. Megan worked on the big pile of sand and making sure it was level to build the sand castle, Tyler, well to tell you the truth I am not sure what he did. He was building something outside of the trench and by his breathing and grunting every time he dug deeper into his hole, it must have been hard work. He did however leave a nice final touch to the sand castle. And that was by writing Mormon Mafia on the outside of it. He was pretty proud of that. As for me, well I just took the pictures. Yeah for pictures!!

(See look at Tyler he is working so hard on something)

(The finish product it was still there in the morning and there were people admiring it)
Besides the funness of building the sand castle, some of the braver ones enjoyed the water, we played frisbee, and the girls killed the boys at Taboo.

(Chase and Ty playing frisbee)

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great weekend.


Braydan and Jessica said...

Sounds like a fun trip with the fam. Cute pictures. I think you could probably see that sandcastle from space!

sdralphs said...

i love the pictures! i hate seeing them though because it just makes me wish i was there! im so sad i missed out! i love you guys. i was laughing so hard at ty and whatever he was doing with the sand castle! ha ha!

Ian & Resa said...

Cute pictures!! I miss Oregon! It looks like you guys had lots of fun.

Red Bed Head said...

I liked your results of eating sand picture, reminds me of a few diapers I've changed, (not his face of course, but just finding sand in baby diapers after a trip to the beach.0