Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yes I know it's been to long

Well it looks like I am in the habit of updating my blog every two months. And again we haven't had a ton of exciting things happening in our lives so we just have to build up all the excitment to write in one blog.
A couple of weeks ago we got to go to Adallyn and becketts birthday party. Parker is always so excited to see Adallyn and he sure didn't care being the only boy participating in the Dora the Explorer birthday festivities. He loved hitting the homemade pinata with the tennis racket and was pretty good with his eye hand coordination, until he whacked a little girl sitting behind him on the couch. Oops. We had a great time being with the family on Valentines day, and even got treated to a Valentines dinner by Mom and Dad at PF Changs. I know it's a late thanks, but Thanks Mom and Dad for the great treat.
Chase and I also had a little photo shoot with Megan while we were in Forest Grove. I felt like we were having engagement pictures taken. Here are a few of them.
Parker is continuing to learn and grow. And I am just so amazed at the things he is learning. He loves getting into everything, which I know is normal for a 1 1/2 year old. His new thing is opening the oven door and climbing up on it to reach the stove. He doesn't seem to understand when we say no, cause he continues to do it. He also loves to do anything Mom and Dad are doing. He always wants to help vaccum and it has gotten to the point where I don't like to vacuum when he is around cause he screams and screams when we put it away. Anything he can get pugged into the wall becomes a vacuum. When he is at grammy's house he will drag the hand mixer out and plug it into the wall and start vacuuming the floor.
Parker has become very good at throwing tantrums and throwing himself to the floor. Tonight Grammy took his makeshift vaccum away and he was not happy so he arched is back and fell straight back onto the floor. And as you can imagine once he reached the hard floor it didn't feel to good. But besides the tantrums he really is such a joy.
He had a well baby checkup a couple of weeks ago and is still pretty small. He weighs 23 lbs, so it put him in the 7 percentile for his weight. So he is a tall string bean. He takes after his aunt Darcee and Uncle Tyler. We still have a hard time getting him eat food so that becomes frustrating so if anyone has good tricks let me know. Another thing we are told we need to do is get him off the bottle. He is at the point where he always wants it and is always running to the fridge and saying "dottle, dottle!" And when he doesn't get it in a timely manner he gets frantic.
This is more for my purposes but here are a list of words he can say:
Mamma, Dadda, Grammy, Papa, help, No, Yes, Light, Nana (banana), Balloon, Cookie, eat, bite, drink, boo, please, thank you, hi, bye, pillow, night night, I love you, stinky, ewww, bike, doggie, kitty, meow, nose, eyes, mouth, ear, shoe, sock and go. I know there are more but I can't think of them. He will try to say anything you want him to repeat. He has gotten some of his ABC down, to be precise, it is usually the Q R S, and he says it over and over again. He can count to 3 but after three he always says Go! We love watching him grow and learn everyday, he has been such a blessing to us.

Parker also get's to play with his friend Jaiden a lot, but mostly because Kira and I like to get together as much as possible. We recently went to this play place we have here in Redmond that is very cool. They have all of these toys set up that are very age appropriate for our kids. The boys can't escape, so it is perfect!!! Kira and I just sat on the couches reading magazines and chit chatting while the boys ran wild. And the best part about it is, you don't have to pick up after them. I have discovered that Parker is quite the bully. He usually takes takes toys away from Jaiden all the time, but he was actually stealing toys from the older kids as well. And when I am saying older kids they are like kindergarten age. He screeches real loud while pulling the toy away until he get's it. Is that what kids are like when they are the only child forever? I put a video up just to show you the toy Parker kept stealing from the kids. He loves pushing anything and everything!

Chase is still gone all the time trying to get through school, so when he is home Parker and I are very happy. Parker loves to be just like his daddy and to always be by his side when he is home.
This is the one of the tunnels that Parker got for Christmas. He always loves getting them out and playing in them.
What can I say, Like father like son!! Parker saw daddy doing his hair so of coarse he had to get his done too. It was pretty long in these pictures and has since gotten a cute haircut from Kira!! Thanks Kira!!!!
And really don't mind the mustache. Chase knows I hate it and he look much more handsome when he has a clean shaven face!
Parker also gets to have his moments with his mommy as well. He especially loves putting on my shoes and parading around the house. Which by the way he has lost one of my favorite shoes and I can't find it anywhere!!! Maybe it really is possible to flush a shoe down the toilet, because it is nowhere to be found!


*Jess* said...

Yep! Definitely a typical 18-month old, isn't he? Too cute!

I'm surprised your doc suggested taking him off the bottle if his food intake is still a concern. I'd go with your gut and do what feels right to you, as his mom :)

Megan said...

Fun fun! I love those pictures of Park Park in your shoes. Thanks for the update. The play place looks fun. Keep going those are life savers.

sdralphs said...

Wow it is truly a miracle, you finally updated your blog and I loved it! I always do so post more often, even if you don't have pictures! Parker is so so cute! The picture towards the end with his hair all spiked and crazy face made me laugh so hard! Looks like you guys have been having all sorts of fun. I'm glad Parker still has his girly side, it makes me laugh! Especially since his Dad tries to be all tough. I love you guys and miss you!

Jim, Brea, Annabelle and Evelyn said...

Such funny pictures. You weren't kidding about him liking women's shoes!

Anonymous said...

Shayla! I loved the whole new entry. I love all the pictures and everything and hearing the cute fun things that Parker does. We miss you guys. Maybe we'll see you soon, maybe. :)

Braydan and Jessica said...

Too much to comment on! Love the pictures. Parker is getting so big! The play place looks fun. That's funny he's a little bully! Watch out!