Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary

I just wanted to say Happy anniversary to my wonderful loving husband. I can't believe that we have been married 4 years today. It's seems like we have been together forever, and although at times that may not be a good thing, and we get on eachothers nerves, I still want you to know you are my best friend! Thank you for everything you do for me and Parker. I know how busy you are with school and work, and I am so grateful that you still can find time to spend with us. Thank you for putting up with my horrible homemaker skills these past 4 years. I am slowly learning though and promise to continue to get better. Thank you for choosing me to be your eternal companion! I love you so much!!!
Here we were then:
And 4 years later:


sdralphs said...

I cannot believe how young chase looks! ha ha! That made me laugh. Happy Anniversary! I cannot believe you have been married for 4 years! Dang time goes by fast! I have almost been married for 1. Crazy. Well I love you both and hope you have a nice romantic evening. Drop Parker off at Mom's! :)

Braydan and Jessica said...

Happy Aniversary! You guys are a cute family.

Megan said...

Little chasey poo! Happy Anniversary Shay. It's crazy I sometimes forget you guys got married just a year after we did. Remember you can make home a surprise too! Have fun. Love ya.