Sunday, April 26, 2009

Off to Prom they go!

With my parents gone in Utah for Darcee's graduation, I was given the responsibility to send Tyler off to prom and do the whole mom thing. I am sure my mom would have done much better at capturing the moment, but I tried the best I could to do justice. Tyler looked so handsome and grown up. And of course his date/girlfriend Hailey, looked Beautiful.
Here are the before pictures.
The during pictures, and notice how he doesn't even need a mirror to get ready. Boys are so different from girls. He didn't even check himself out in the mirror before he went to get Hailey. He is a confident boy as you can tell from his muscle pictures. Haha.
And of the after pictures. Parker loves Hailey and wanted a picture with her. I wish he would always be the happy in pictures for me. But I guess that's what happens when you are young and pretty :)
Tyler is really really excited to go to prom if you can't tell by his face!
Here are Tyler's Best friends, Jake, Cole, and Cody. It was nice to see them all so handsome and dressed up nice.
And yes, they are flashing a gang sign. It's the Mormon Mafia.
So that is all the details I know, so if you want to know anything about dinner and the dance, then you will have to go straight to the source.


sdralphs said...

ha ha! I love how Ty looks scared to touch her! They looked so cute and grown up! Ty looked so much older! I wish I was there to see it! Parker was so cute in that one picture. Cannot believe how old the boys look. You did a great job playing Mom! Love and miss you!

Megan said...

Ty you look so good, I wish you would have smiles normal so I could have edited a picture for you. Haley looks beautiful you lucky duck. Good job Shay on helping our bro get ready, I'm sure he didn't say it but I know it meant a ton to him.