Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some old some new

Some of this post is going to be a little delayed so sorry for the old new. First piece of old news, Chase and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in March. I had planned a weekend in Portland but had to cancel that when I found out Chase had to work. So then we delayed it a little more and I had planned on spending a weekend at the Inn of the Seventh Mountain resort in Bend. Well I ended up cancelling that as well because of illnesses in the family. So we then decided to just make a day trip to Portland. We went to the Temple to do a session, shopped and went to a Blazer game. Unfortunately we did not document the trip very well. The only picture is one that Chase took at the Blazer game.....
yup that's right, the Portland cheerleaders. Go Blazers!!
The second piece of old news is from Easter. This year we spent Easter at my parents house. They were out of town for an early anniversary trip, so I again was put in charge of Tyler. I figured since our house is a lot smaller, it would be more exciting to do our Easter traditions in a bigger house. I woke up earlier than the rest of the family and spread all the candy around the house as well as hid the Easter baskets. Tyler has been finding his Easter basket for years now, and I really wanted to find a hiding place where he would not find it right off the bat. And I must say I was very successful with both his and Chases basket. Parker loved the candy all over the floor. His first reaction coming down the stairs was "wow"! He was not quite sure what to do at first, but soon learned to put the candy in the bag.
After about 20 min Chase and Tyler both found their baskets,.
I procrastinated and didn't go to the store for Easter stuff until Sat. night, so to my surprise there was nothing for me to buy. So it was a good thing my mom bought Parker a very cute outfit, a book, and a hopping, singing, Easter bunny. Parker was a little scared of it at first, but it didn't last long and we were blessed with listening to this bunny over and over again.
This is the outfit Mom got for Parker.
We tried getting some family pictures before church, but Parker did not want to cooperate, so the only good shot I have is of him.
Parker continues to grow and learn new things every day. It's been fun watching the new things that he picks up on. His newest saying is, "I don't want it." He says it to everything, whether he really does want something or not. So although his speaking capacity is growing, I can't say the same for his skinny body. It is always a miracle when we can get him to eat 3 meals a day. It's hard finding things he likes to eat, but then when we do, he will eat it for 3 or 4 days and then be sick of it. He usually loves anything with noodles.
But he will always eat a cookie (oreo), or a good bowl of ice cream.
Parker still loves putting my shoes on. He kind of reminds me of the cat or mouse, I can't remember which, from shrek with the tall boots.
Parker is such a joy to be around, and although he is hitting the terrible 2 stage a little early, we still laugh uncontrollably at his corkiness and the silly things that he does or says.
These past couple of month we have been able to see some of our family who lives in Utah. Taylor came for a short visit to say by before he left to go serve our country. We are proud of him and his decision he made to this. He will be in our thoughts and prayers as he starts the next stage in his life.
Darcee also came for a week to visit and it was fun to see her. We had a girls night with mom and went shopping and had a yummy dinner at Johnny Carino's. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard. Darcee bought Parker a cute outfit from the Children's Place and he has already gotten to wear it.
Chases Mom and Dad were also able to come visit for a couple of days. My parents left for Darcee's graduation so we needed a sitter for Parker. Chase's Mom was so gracious to come and watch Parker for two days. Dane had to work, so he ended up flying here on Friday afternoon and then flew back home early Saturday morning. Parker loved playing with Grandma and Grandpa Caldwell. He was all giggles and loved showing off for them. We didn't take any pictures, but are soooooo glad they could come for a little visit!


Megan said...

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love adallyn

sdralphs said...

I loved ady's message! It has to be the best. I don't think I will be able to leave one that good. Those pictures of Parker were awesome and I loved them. You need to post more often! He is so cute. I laughed so hard at the Puss in boots impression Parker was doing with your shoes. Love it! Love and miss you dearly! Oh by the way, you make a great stand in Mom for Ty. I know he appreciates it so much!

Braydan and Jessica said...

Okay Shayla, you need to post more often!!! Seriously!! That was like a mile long!! jk. I loved Parker in the boots :) LOL funny. YOu are so lucky to have family close and do those fun things with--easter, prom, girls night, etc. Your brother is so tall!!! What happened to you shorty?