Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October Happenings

I know this is a much needed update, so sorry for the length of it, but it's been a while so I have lot's of pictures. We are still living at my parents house, and it has been such a blessing to be able to have a nice roof over our heads. I know it is not always easy to have us here , especially with Parker in his TERRIBLE TWO's stage. He is constantly into anything and everything. When we tell him no, he just looks at us with this devious look on his face like, "I am going to tell you!" His favorite thing to do is climb up onto the counter and get into the cupboards, or play with the water faucet. He is very independent and wants to do everything on his own. Anytime I try to get him anything he just starts yelling, "No, I do it!" I guess all kids reach that stage sometime in their lives. I just wasn't quite ready for it.
I am sure my parents miss their nice clean house. And sometimes I miss a smaller place so Parker has less of an area to make messy. This is what I saw one morning after taking a shower....
He had pulled out every game he could possibly find. This picture does not give the mess the justice it receives. But we continue to love him regardless of all the messes, screaming and tantrums he likes to throw.
Parker had his first friend over to play a week ago. Jonas is 3 1/2, but Parker just loves him. Every blonde hair kid he see's he calls him Jonas. I was also happy to have him over, hoping that it would keep Parker occupied. When they were inside playing with the toys, they kept to themselves for the most part, but once it got nice enough to go outside, they had fun riding bikes and playing in the leaves. They did a good job sharing the bikes as well. The would ride the scooter and a little diego three wheeler. They rode down to the mailbox and back, and would switch after every time. It's fun to be able to see Parker around other kids. He doesn't get the opportunity a lot.
A couple of weeks ago, Chase and I celebrated our birthdays. Our birthdays are a day apart so we always celebrate them on the same day. We had our good friends Lea and Nathaniel over to come join the festivities (there wasn't much happening). Chase and I didn't do gifts this year, but my Mom and Dad got us some clothes, Chases parents gave us money and Lea and Nathaniel got us some gift cards. Thanks everyone for making our day so special.
Halloween this year was a lot of fun. To start of the Halloween season, Chases parents sent Parker a fabulous costume, some yummy pumpkin cookies, and some money. Thank you guys so much. Here is Chase and Parker enjoying the cookies yummy
Look I even have a green tongue
And here is Parker getting into the Halloween spirit.
Carving pumpkins this year was a lot of fun. Parker was not to thrilled about the insides of the pumpkin and would not touch it. But he sure wanted to have the knife. He did a great job in letting Chase help him.
Chase and I didn't do the normal pumpkins this year. We wanted to be a little more creative. Chase for sure won the best pumpkin contest this year. His was pretty good!
Chases finish product. Spongebob in all his glory! We watch a lot of spongebob in this house.
The pumpkins all together
This year for halloween Parker was a dalmation and Chase was the firefighter. The idea came from Chases creative mother. Parker had a great time trick or treating. He loved getting all the candy. We went to the trunk or treat at the church and then hit up a neighborhood for more candy. Parker was very good at saying trick or treat, and then kindly saying thank you. Towards the end of the night when we started going to house, he would knock on the door, and then when someone opened it, he would yell "Happy Halloween" it was so cute. He would also try to go into the houses too. He is just a friendly guy in that way. There were a couple of houses that he was a little scared to go up to the door because of the decorations, but most of them he had no trouble.
I should have taken a picture of it, but my Mom decorated the front of the house with cobb webs, spiders and a scary monster. Everytime Parker would come to the front porch, he would want me to pick him up, and he would say ,"Scary, Monster." He eventually got used to it, but there was one night he woke up screaming and crying. I ran in there, thinking something was wrong and he was pointing at the window screaming, "scary, scary,scary." Poor little guy was terrified. He slept with us that night. But I am glad it didn't last. Sometimes when we go up the stairs for bedtime he will start saying, "scary" but all I have to say is, it's not scary, and he is fine. I am sure there will be many more nights of monsters, and scary things in his room.
One of the trick or treating spots was Cotton candy, made from Courtney. It was the most popular spot to go. Parker downed his.
We were supposed to decorate the trunk, thus the name trunk or treating. Well, I am not that festive, so we decided that the decorations would be us. That's good enough right?


Tara and Spencer Frye said...

I Love the post! you look great Shayla! and Parker, cute as always... so fun to see what you guys have been up to. Maybe I should do a post sometime? ha Love you guys, and miss you lots!

Ian and Resa said...

What a cutie! I love the tail on the back of Parkers costume:) Happy Birthday to both of you!

*Jess* said...

I did that Spongebob pumpkin last year! This year I tackled Patrick and it was much easier! :) Cute pics!

Braydan and Jessica said...

Cool pumpkins. You guys have some skills. Love the dalmation idea. Kaleb was a firefighter so they could've been a good team ;) Happy late Birthday! Did you know Brittany is getting hitched? You should go to the wedding. It's jan.16th i think. I need to buy my ticket still, but it would be a fun reunion????? Think about the crazy fun time we could have :)............

Megan said...

Finally an update! Parker was SO cute in his dalmatian outfit, I loved it. And Chase is quite skilled with that knife, that was fancy. Looks like you guys are having fun. Totally bummed with you about Eugene and Salem, we'll keep you in our prayers. Love ya sis.

sdralphs said...

Finally an update! Love you so so much. I love Parker and how cute he is. Sorry to hear the bad news. The right job will come along. We love you though! You need to do more updates. I love hearing about my Parker!

Frye Kids said...

Shayla hang in there. i think we should get Grayson and Parker together and they can cause some major messes together! he sure is a cutie though. glad you are doing well and congrats on #2!!!