Monday, August 25, 2008

A Busy Summer

Well now that work has started up and summer is over I thought I would write a little on our summer. A lot of my summer has been spent over at my parents house. My Mom and Dad have been quite the hosts this summer and have had a full house, so of coarse Parker and I are right over there so we can experience the funness the Perdue household has to offer. Parker especially loves it when kids around. Particularly his cousin Adallyn. We have been fortunate to have Megan and her cute family visit quite a few times this summer.
This pic was taken on my phone so it is a little blurry.
Parker is adys little shadow and when he is not with her you can always here ady calling for him ,"Parker. Come on Parker. This way Parker." Or as the picture illustrates above "Can Parker take a bath with me?" This last visit, their new thing was to pull the cushion of the rocking chair and spin each other round and round in circles while laughing. I didn't get a picture of that one but it sure was cute. Parker loves his cousin and it has been so nice to let him play with another little kid. And they are entertained so easily which is great!
We love our cute niece adallyn and all her entertainment.
It's always good when Megan is town because the means family picture time. Thanks for the great pics Megan, you are soooooooooo talented.
Besides spending time at my parents house I have spent the summer watching my little boy grow up. I can't believe he is almost 15th months. He has three teeth and 3 more coming in. He was a late bloomer there. We love that when we say give us kisses he puckers up his lips and runs towards us. If we are really lucky he keep his mouth open for a wet slobbery kiss. Yummy!! He is also started to say some words. Mamma, dadda, that (while pointing at what he wants), ow, hi, and my favorite CHEESE!!! He loves to hold my phone up in the air and say cheese. The things kids pick up from the parents.
This summer we have also tried the whole swimming thing. The first time I went by myself with Parker out to Eagle Crest and this was his reaction...
The second experience was with Megan and Darcee and well you don't see a picture, so that's how well it went. The third time was with Chase and...
I guess we know who Parker likes the best. However we did go a fourth time to Juniper Swim in Bend and Parker had a blast.
It's fun to be able to keep Parker busy, and that is what he loves. We love to just watch him laugh and be goofy.


sdralphs said...

i miss my baby!!!!!!!!!!! i want to see Parker! the pictures look so so so cute. I love the one of chase and you kissing! so adorable. cutest family ever right there. along with megs, and eventually mine!

Braydan and Jessica said...

I love the name Adalyn! So cute I might steal it. Anyway, cute pict. You're lucky you have a sis that does that. Kaleb had the same reacion as Parker to the water at first too. Funny boys. Glad you got in some girl time this last week. Us Moms need that!!! We went and saw Mama Mia for a girls night and it's pretty good too. Have you seen it?

THE HYDE'S!!!!!!! said...

Parker is so cute!! I can't believe how much older he looks! You are such an adorable family! Looks like you are having lots of fun this summer! Hope to talk to you soon!