Monday, June 15, 2009

Back at home!

A couple of weeks ago, Chase and I moved in with my parents. Chase leaves for his internship to Boise tomorrow, so it was a perfect solution for us to move in. Plus Chase will not be making any money all summer, so the no rent is just a plus.
There are a couple of reasons why Parker loves being able to live at Papa and Draddy's (this is what he calls my mom) house!
He get's hair cuts, since we have never bought clippers
He get's treats, even when Mommy says no
He get's to wrestle with the boys
He can lay on the table and watch cartoons.
He has a huge backyard to play in!!
We are so greatful that my parents are taking us homeless people in. My goal this summer is to learn to be a better homemaker from my Mom. Before I was married I didn't really care to learn much of anything. But now that I am a mom, I wish I would have had more of a desire to know how to do half of the things my mom can do. So here goes to a summer of new experiences!!!
We will miss Chase a lot, and wish him good luck on his internship!!!


sdralphs said...

Parker looks like he rules the Perdue household now! I love it! I cannot wait to come visit. I love the new hair and family picture. It is so cute! I love your blog updates. Do it more often! Love you sister face!

Megan said...

good family picture. Glad to hear everything is going well.

Jenny Hansen Lane said...

I love the picture of Parker on the table. and I can't wait to hear of your domestic adventures in homemaking!